Employment Opportunities

The meat cutters employed by Pork King Packing may section whole carcasses into what are known as primal cuts, and may also weigh, wrap and label cuts of meat including but not limited to offal products, such as hearts, kidneys, liver, etc.

They may use saws, slicers, knives and power cutters to section large pieces of meat into smaller cuts of meat sent out for further processing. They may work with hand tools such as skinners, splitting saws and boning knives and hooks, and are often required to spend time in cold, damp environments.

Typically, our meat cutters learn through on-the-job training and it may require up to 2 years of hands on work for them to be considered highly skilled. New trainees are usually expected to master basic skills such as trimming, bone removal or shaping simple cuts of meat before they are taught the more complicated techniques needed for cutting whole carcasses.

Basic math skills are needed to weigh and measure products, using electronic weighing scales.

We also have a night crew that cleans our thoroughly cleans our facility daily.

If you are interested in a position with our company, please fill out the attached application and either mail it or fax to the address on the application.